Friday, October 21, 2011

6 and 7 Month Update

6 months

SO much to catch up on!  We have finally moved into our house so we have been pretty busy getting all settled in.  We are so grateful to Michael's parents for helping us out and we are just LOVING it! 

Here is the quick photo wrap-up of what we have been up to . . .

6 months.  Sorry for the no smile picture, but she had a little cold at the time and zero interest in a photo shoot.  She was, however, interested in showing off a little chunky thigh 


Once we took her off the chair we managed to get a hint of a smile.  Its more of a smeyes, for you ANTM fans.  

We had a super fun play date with Julia (and Kristin) when they came to College Station for the day . . .

She attended her very first Aggie game on September 17 when they played Idaho.  We thought we could just bring her in sans ticket, but that was not the case.  We were about to turn around from the gate, when one of the ladies working there gave us a ticket out of nowhere so that she could come in with us!  She lasted for one quarter.  

Cora also attended her very first birthday party.  We made the trip to Dallas for Charlie's Suessical 1st Birthday Bash!  We had an amazing time!! And now, for the epic 2nd meeting of Charlie and Cora . . .

 Both of them: Mom do I have to?

Charlie: Wait a second, why is she so big?

Cora: Cool, we are the same size

Cora: Maybe we should hold hands.
Charlie: Mom, why is she touching me?

Charlie: Seriously, why are you touching me?

Both of them, over it.

Claire and Laura are two of my closest friends.  We share such a special bond, and I am incredibly thankful for that.  We have come a long way . . .

Onto 7 months . . .

MUCH happier nowadays.  She is babbling ALL the time, and starting to show some interest in crawling.  She laughs a lot more frequently, usually at something her dad does.  She also doubles as my leech.  

I love to watch her explore and get excited by the seemingly mundane things.  Her current obsession: kleenex.  She loves to pull them out of the box and then rip them into tiny pieces.  It gives her so much joy! Ah, the simple things.  

Here are the pics from the latest Aggie tailgate.  How precious are these two in their matching dresses!  

I think we are all caught up now!  Next weekend we will be heading to Dripping Springs and San Antonio for some major events!