Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I am not very good at taking pictures when we are at home, but here is what I have from the summer ...

This is from our 5 minute trip to Lake Bryan.  It seemed like a good idea since C absolutely adores being outside, but she was just getting over a virus and there were ants all over the place so this was basically the extent of what we did.  

Still a sweet moment.  

Two weeks of our summer consisted of swimming lessons!  Cora was in the Starfish class (hehe) which basically meant that I carried her around in the water while she played with water toys.  Luckily, we got to be in the same class with our good friends, the Kalinas!  

Cora and Damien are olympic-bound.  They got a certificate and everything.

It was awesome to have this quality time with Katie before their little family made their big move to Fort Worth.  We are already missing them terribly! She was my first friend here in College Station and I am so grateful for her friendship.  She is a special gal! 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bulverde Beach Trip

Back in July we took our final beach trip of the summer down to Port Aransas for the Bulverde beach trip.  It was much too short but we still had a great time!  We got there kind of late on Friday so we just spent our evening going from condo to condo, visiting and catching up with everyone.  I especially enjoyed hearing Geda tell us some grand stories.

Saturday morning we got up early to snap these family pictures, (taken by Casey)

I just love our family.  Cora took a pretty hefty nap after that.  We even managed to get her totally sun screened while she was still sleeping. 

She slept on the beach for a while, and I'm pretty sure Pops didn't mind. 

Once she finally woke up, she was all about playing with the girls.  It was so precious to watch them all together.  She just loved hanging out with all her cousins.  

We had such a great summer!!  Michael and I have always considered the beach to be a very special place for us, but it is a whole new world when you get to go with little ones.  It is so cool to experience it all over again through Cora's eyes.  And next year we will also be bringing a little 6 month old!! Double the fun! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy Birthday: Mom

On Sunday we celebrated my mom's birthday here in College Station.  

Now that I am a mom, I have a whole new appreciation for everything this lady has done for me throughout my life.  There were so many times when I would be up with Cora in the middle of the night that my mind would wander to picturing my mom doing the same thing with me. What a special bond those little late night parties create between a child and their mother, even if the baby doesn't know it at the time.  

I know my mom looks back on those days with me as a baby fondly, but I am fairly certain that she does not share the same sentiments when it comes to my toddlerhood.  Rumor has it I was pretty terrible.  When I was a bit older, I found her numerous articles on the "strong-willed" child that she had saved and have heard many a horrifying story.  Even though we look back and laugh about it now, I am sure she was really struggling at the time!  But in true Mel fashion, she did all the research she could and was dedicated to doing every little thing for her difficult little girl.  I think my sisters would probably agree that we haven't always given our mom the smoothest road, but she has always been there for us no matter what.  Never giving up and rarely losing her temper.  I could learn a thing or two from her easy-going style.  


One thing I really admire about my mom is that she applies this same dedication to her job as well.  Not only is she an incredible mom that was always super involved with us, she is also extremely hard-working and successful in her career.  She has a passion for education like I have never seen!  Even though it was short, I loved the time that we spent working in the same district.  I am sure we annoyed our husbands to no end when we would spend the better part of every night talking about anything and everything to do with school.  I also got a first-hand look at the amount of respect that her colleagues have for her and it would make me so proud to be her daughter.  


Although she is a true professional, she is not the most artistic person in the world (please see picture above). No offense madre, although she would probably be the first to tell you.  However, that never stopped her from doing little things like this to make us feel special.  Whether it was a note in our lunch, or a message on the mirror, she has always let us know how much she cares.  I remember one summer when I went off to Pennsylvania for ballet camp, my mom made me sign on power point (it must have just come out) that said, "Becky is a firecracker."  I loved it and had it hanging on my door all summer and in my room at home after that. I just thought it was so sweet, especially because she knows how much a love stuff like that.  

One thing that I hope to inherent from her in my own motherhood, is the way that she is so willing to hang in the wings, lending her support, while letting her children shine.  She has NEVER pressured me into a decision or given me any unwanted advice.  I have never come across anyone who is less judgmental.  She has always guided me, but never tried to take control.  She gave me the freedom to make my own mistakes, but was always there for me when I would fall.  I now know how hard it is to let go as a mother so I know how difficult it must have been for her, but she never let it show.  In this way, she has taught me what Jesus' love for us is all about.   I was honored to wear her dress on my wedding day.  

I am so excited for Cora to grow up with such a loving grandma.  I hope that inherits my mom's selfless ways.  I can just picture Cora getting all excited to go do science experiments at M.E.'s house (she is somewhat of a science nerd).  I know they will have countless adventures together. 

So, Happy Birthday, Mom, Mel, Melon, M.E., A-mi-mi.  We love you so very much and would be lost without you. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fernandez Family Reunion

Earlier in July we had our annual Fernandez Family Reunion weekend down in Port Aransas.  We look forward to this trip every year, I just love it!  The first night we had a 4th of July party on the beach, complete with matching Patriotic T-shirts

Cora spent the majority of the party rearranging these flags.  She was enamored with them.  

We were there from Wednesday to Sunday so we had a lot more beach time this year than usual and the weather was beautiful.  Cora had the best time and even flew her first kite!  Monica brought a bunch of them and taught her how.  She also learned how to say, "kite."  

We also had our annual July birthday celebration which is always a good time.  This year Tio Bullie was included as well because he celebrated a big one  . . .

Cora found a new best friend in Alyssa's fiancĂ©, Matt.  She was all about playing with him in the sand.   

He was such a good sport.  Even when she was knocking down all of his creations. 


She also had a crew working for her in the ocean.  

At least she paid in a lot of sweet hugs. 

And when she finally fell asleep, 

Sawyer took over, just livin' it up . . .

And here is the whole group, followed by some unintentional entries for the next Awkward Family Photo book. . .

And this one is perhaps the most awkward of all, but certainly the most joyous!!  

Little baby P, due to arrive in January!! We are thrilled!! I cannot believe that we get to do this all over again.  A whole new batch of amazingly precious moments for our family.  Please pray for us and our new baby :)