Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Evelyn: One Year!!

Our precious, squishy little baby is one year old!! (As of January 9th)  As you can see, she was a little under the weather on her actual birthday.  We were hoping to take her out for ice cream, but instead we spent the day snuggling and making sure she got plenty of rest.  She did manage to get up and play for a little bit, and went straight to the book shelf, her favorite!  She is always emphatically throwing books my direction and then crawling away as soon as I start reading them to her.  Fun game. 

Luckily her little cold was all cleared up by the time her party came around on Saturday so we continued with the festivities!  

Cora and Sawyer did a great job decorating her cake.  As you can see they took it very seriously.  

We had a lot of family and friends over to celebrate Evelyn's first year.  She is a very loved little girl.  


My dad was sick that week too, so we were all bummed that he had to miss out!  

Grams and Pops


Evelyn's main love in life is FOOD.  She eats anything and everything all. the. time. (Hence the amazing cheeks).  So we expected that the cake was going to be the highlight of the day, and so it was.  She dug in right away and enjoyed every sugary second.  When we finally made the call to cut her off, she was extremely unhappy about it.  

Madeleine was wanting to get in on the action!! 

The Aftermath.  

There was a lot of lounging around, and laughing, and then....the clowns began.  

The are always entertaining.  

I think sweet Evy sensed that there were some snacks in those gift bags, so she took it upon herself to start opening presents.  It was a wonderful day for a wonderful girl.  

We love you oh so much Evelyn! Looking forward to another wonderful year of you!