Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Birthday: Kristin

Kristin is my best friend, college roommate, and cousin.  

This little gem is from the very beginning.  Our high school graduation trip to Mexico.  And no, we were not about to go to sleep in those matching pjs, we were about to go out.  Sweet outfits.

We met shortly before this, which is a whole other story.  One that I am sure many of you have heard a thousand times so I will spare you.  I can't even begin to recall the countless amazing times we had during our college years.  We lived together all four years and I could not have asked for a better roomie.  I always loved living with her.  Probably because she is one of the peppiest people on the planet.  She was always so encouraging and supportive with ANY situation that I bothered her with.  I don't know how she put up with my shenanigans for those four years, but I am so glad that she did.  

She changed my outlook on so many things, and really changed me for the better.  

We have these two guys to thank for forcing us to live together.  

I used to look back on our college days as our "glory years."  But our friendship has become SO much more since then.  Kristin's strong faith has influenced my faith in so many ways.  After college, she made the decision to go through RCIA and join the Church.  I was so inspired by her dedication and commitment to learning.  She is so devout, and truly lives out her faith.  Our friend, Father Jimmy, always says the she is a saint.  No argument here.  

She is unbelievably selfless.  I have never seen someone put others first that way that she does.  

Kristin and I have always described our personalities as exactly that same, but completely opposite.  I guess only we can really understand that dynamic, but it is what makes our relationship so special.  We share so many of the same beliefs, yet we have different strengths and weaknesses.  

We got to share the experience of being engaged and wedding planning at the same time!  She was very instrumental in Michael and I getting together, so obviously I am extremely grateful to her for that.  I was also 100% responsible for her and Jeff ;)

Our weddings were five months apart.  In true Kristin fashion, she spent most of the night of our reception following me around making sure that every hair was in place and that my bustle stayed in tact.  Not worried about herself or having a good time.  Only concerned with making sure it was a perfect day for me.  Typical.  This was also the day we officially became family! 

I was so honored to be a part of her BEAUTIFUL wedding!!  It was such a special occasion.  

Shortly after these blessed unions, we brought two more girls into our club.  This is Cora and Julia's first official picture together.

When Cora was born, she left work in Houston in the middle of the day and drove all the way to Austin to come see us!  

I am so thankful that Kristin is Cora's godmother.  Not only is she an amazing example of faith, but I know that she will always be there for Cora no matter what, just as she has for me.  

Four months later, we got to meet sweet little Julia.  

Cora was a little jealous at first.  

It is so much fun getting to share in the experience of raising our little girls.  It is no surprise that we share the same type of parenting styles, so I am constantly depending on Kristin.  I have learned so much from her as a mother. 

I was so excited when she asked me to be Julia's godmother.  I will always make sure she knows what an amazing mom she has.   

These nine years of friendship have been more than I could have ever hoped for.  Our relationship is so precious to me.  Kristin is such a special person, I don't know how i got so lucky to have her as a best friend.  

God bless the broken road.  Love you, Krissy! I hope you have the happiest birthday!! 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Birthday: Dad!

Happy Happy Birthday, Dad!!  

GBFIII has so many qualities that I admire.  He is so fun-loving!  Of course HE loves to have a good time, but even more than that, his priority is always making sure that everyone else is having an even better time.  If you know him, you know that he is a master entertainer!  So welcoming and hospitable to anyone and everyone that crosses his path.  

He is so thoughtful and generous.  Always thinking of others and showing his appreciation for them.  I remember after he helped my buy my car, he gave me gifts to give every single person at the dealership that helped us during the process.  That is something I would never even think of.  

He is especially giving when it comes to anything A&M.  Every single home game he and my mom put hours of work into tailgating for anybody who wants to come by.  And he is always offering tickets for people to go into the game with him.  Even Cora.

My dad would do just about anything for his friends, but even more for his family.  Every year we take a trip down to the coast with a huge group.  My dad spends most of his time making sure that everything is all set up on the beach, which is no small task.  I'm sure he takes care of a whole list of things for this trip that I am not even aware of.  And he does it all with a smile on his face, never complaining.  

He is such a hard worker.  You will rarely find him getting any kind of rest on the weekends.  He is always working on something.  

One of my favorite memories with him was of course my wedding day.  It was so special to have him walk me down the aisle.  

We were both giggle-crying all the way down.  But he didn't so much give me away, as he did take on a son.  I love the relationship that he has with Michael.   

And our dance was just priceless.  So perfect, I will never forget it.  

Another special memory, watching him become an Abuelo to Cora.  While we were in the hospital, he was there every second manage just to hold and stare at her.  My heart just about melted onto the floor when my big strong dad brought in a fuzzy pink bear for his little granddaughter. She will learn so much from him.

Dad, I love you so much and am honored to be your daughter!  Can't wait to celebrate with you tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mothers Day Weekend

Mothers Day weekend started on Wednesday for us.  Michael had to go to Florida for a business trip so Cora and I went over to the Jaworski's new home.  On Thursday we were joined by precious precious Sawyer.  It was too much fun having these little girls together.  

Sawyer was such a good sport.  Cora and Julia were just fascinated with her and expressed said fascination with various pokes to her eyes and face.  

I was thrilled to have some quality time with my niece.  She is growing up WAY too fast for my liking.  She has the sweetest little personality in the world.  Her and Julia will smile at anything.  It is great!  I have to move heaven and earth to make Cora laugh, so they make me feel really good about myself.  

Michael met up with us in San Antonio on Saturday afternoon.  Just in time to see off our littlest siblings to prom, together.  It was the longest we have been apart since we have been married and it was so good to be back together!! Never again.

These two make quite the handsome pair.  

We love those goobers.  After we sent the prom-goers off, our families hung out together and we had so much fun!  We shared dinner and a lot of laughs!  Cora is so blessed to have her two wonderful grandmas! 

She turned both of these ladies into grandmas and me into a mother.  She brings us all so much joy.  I can't believe I get to be her mom.

On Sunday we enjoyed a lovely afternoon at Cindy's house.  Cora and Abigail had a great time splashing around in the pool.  

Look at these sweet little cousins.  This pose was totally unprompted, they just love each other! 

Wita will be off to London for a while, and these little girls will definitely be missing her, as we all will!