Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Stay at St. Davids

After Cora was born, we stayed in the hospital for two days.  It was pretty scary when they just let her stay in our room the first night!  The first time she cried in the middle of the night, Michael and I sat up immediately and looked at each other with a "what the heck do we do" look on our faces.  She stopped crying about 3 seconds later, so we just went back to sleep.  We were really lucky as far as nurses were concerned.  Everybody was so great and so helpful!  They took such great care of me and Cora, we could not have asked for a better experience at St. Davids.

But the best part of the stay was celebrating the first precious days of Cora's life with our family and friends.  Cora is the first grandchild on both sides, and it has been so special to watch our parents become grandparents.

And another surprise from Houston, a visit from Cora's sweet Godmother . . .

Luckily, Cora's Uncle Dave was on spring break, great timing!! 

Her Great Grandma Mimi was able to come down from Dallas . . . 

We are so thrilled, scared, excited and in love all at the same time!! We have a lot to learn about being parents, but the one thing we do know is that Cora is such a blessing from God and we feel so honored to have the privilege to raise her!  We are looking forward to all the unforgettable moments to come!


Cora's Birthday

On March 15 I was scheduled to be induced at 6am because I was almost 2 weeks past my due date.  As you can see, it was obviously time for me to not be pregnant anymore!  I was pretty large and in charge in those last two weeks . . .

There were a few complications during the labor and delivery that made for a very long day.  I was amazed at how many people were there to support us!  Tara even surprised me and came in from Houston.  I was so excited to see her because I definitely needed my big sister there.  Plus she is basically a doctor.  We had family coming in and out all day, and some that stuck around for the whole 14 hour ordeal.  Cora is one loved little girl!! 


m.e. and richard

aunt eli and ella

abuelito and wita

pops and grandma judy

brie, john and eli
When our little princess finally arrived, it was THE most incredible moment!  It took her a little while to cry, as the labor was very difficult on her, but we had one beautiful and healthy baby girl! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hello World!!

Cora Rose Pawelek
Born March 15, 2011
8 lbs 5 ounces, 22 inches long

We are having the best time with our little girl!! We absolutely love being parents, and she has been the most amazing blessing! Things have been pretty busy around here so I will post more about her birth day and what we have been up to later.  On another note, Michael has also been blessed with an amazing job opportunity that is leading our new little family to move to College Station in the next two weeks!  Life certainly isn't slowing down any time soon, and we wouldn't have it any other way.  

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Balsamic Eggplant

It seems like we have tried every old wives tale out there to get this little girl to come join us!  The other night we tried some grilled balsamic eggplant, and while it did turn out to be quite delicious, it did not induce labor.

But, we had our 41-week appointment on Wednesday and our doctor went ahead and scheduled our induction for Tuesday, March 15 because it would not be healthy for me or Cora to go past that date.  We got to have our second sonogram and see her all grown up and everything looks great!  Our doctor said she is "a very active baby," oh dear.  We are SO excited to finally have a real end point and we cannot wait!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


We had so much help getting this room together in time! Joe and Casey painted, and Adam came over to do the bead board with Michael. Also, my grandma got all the furniture for us! We are sooo thankful for our awesome family!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome to Pawelekville!

Why Pawelekville? Well, believe it or not, there is an actual "Pawelekville" South of San Antonio. It is quite the thriving metropolis! Michael and I may move there one day and become king and queen!

I have been wanting to start a blog for a long time so that our large family can keep up with all of our adventures. With Cora's arrival right around the corner, now seems like a good time!

2010 was a fabulous year for us! In a matter of 365 days we . . .

Got engaged at the end of January
Got married May 22 in Panna Maria, TX

And found out we were pregnant in June (long before this picture was taken)
We can't wait to see what else 2011 has in store for us! We just built our first house, and we are just anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little girl! Stay tuned.