Tuesday, May 27, 2014

March 2014

Our first month in Houston.  We spent a lot of time hanging around the house with friends and family, which has been my favorite part about living here! 

Her first word every morning is "na-na"

The first weekend my dad took us all to the rodeo.  Cora is WAY into everything cowgirl so she loved it!  She spent most of the time yelling "yeeeee-haw" 

Not so much interested...

Except in the food.  Chicken on a stick.

Chicken fried bacon

We also celebrated Cora's 3rd birthday! She was unwavering in wanting a "pink and red" party.  As she will tell you over and over, those are here favorite colors.  I thought that once we went through Party City to get her decorations that she may change her mind and go for a princess or some other character theme, but she stayed true.  The only variation was her horse "piyanta" that she named Sparky.  She doesn't like candy, so he just sat on the mantle.  The morning of her birthday, Michael and I took her on a "special date" to Chick-Fil-A, and then to Target to pick out her present.  She picked a princess palace pets beauty salon.  She also wanted to pick out something for each of her sisters.  Little People princesses for Ev and a pack of bumble bee onesies for Caroline.  We had a wonderful day celebrating our sweet Cora Rose.  

shopping for decorations

Chocolate milk. The real reason we go to CFA.
party photographer. 


playing with her new toy

All the guys playing "horse" on the Little Tykes basketball goal

We also got to celebrate another very special three year old.  While our sweet friend Katie was in the hospital downtown, her amazing family threw Damien a party in the park right across from where she was staying.  It felt very strange not having her there, but the girls had so much fun and it was so good to see the kiddos! 

Long lost twins - Ev and Lucy

sweet birthday boy!!

playing airplanes

But the BEST part of the month was getting to meet our first nephew, Ty Buckley Boening!  He is absolutely adorable!! We couldn't be happier for the Boenings.  It is such a blessing that we get to live right down the street from this cuteness. . . 

Monday, May 26, 2014

February 2014

Now that we are getting more settled, I am finally getting around to some updating.  I didn't take too many pictures in February since we were moving, but here is what I have . . .

Helping Daddy work

Michael and Cora went on a date to Chuck-E-Cheese. She was SO excited! She picked out her outfit and wore her special baptism jewelry.  She used her coins to buy a little purple airplane, a spider, and a ring. She couldn't stop talking about all her favorite games.

And a little Valentine's Day crafty fun . . .