Friday, November 29, 2013

Madeleine Casey

Back in August we had the privilege of meeting our beautiful little niece, Miss Madeleine Casey.  We got to be at the hospital for her birthday and it was so special.  Joe and Casey are the sweetest parents and it was an honor to be there at the very beginning. Cora was soooo excited and could not wait to meet her cousin.  She was blowing her kisses through the nursery glass and kept saying, "she's soooo cute."  Evelyn is pretty smitten as well.  Every time she sees her she gives her a big ole kiss.

 A few weeks ago Madeleine was baptized and Michael was thrilled to be her godfather.  It was a beautiful baptism and first step in her faith life.

We love you little Madeleine, we cannot wait to watch you grow, sweet girl!