Friday, April 12, 2013

Cora's 2nd Birthday!

Happy Happy Birthday sweet Cora Rose!! What a fun little girl you are!  You are a hilarious, cuddly, strong-willed, independent, loving, beautiful, precious, smart little two year old and we can't get enough of you!! As I am writing this you are sitting next to me looking at the pictures saying, "Hey! Where's my birthday??"  You had a three part celebration this year and enjoyed every bit of it! 

{Part One - College Station}
We had an early morning party as soon as you woke up complete with birthday banner, ballons, presents and pancakes (which you didn't eat because at the moment you will ONLY eat goldfish, pretzels, cheerios, cheese, pasta and potatoes).  We delighted in spending a quiet morning watching you and reflecting on the same morning two years ago.  We had no idea how much you would change our lives and how spectacular it would be to be your parents.  

You wanted to sit on the couch and watch Mickey with ALL your ballons.

{Part Two - San Antonio}
We spent the weekend at Grams and Pops' house and had a blast with friends and family.  The Dodges came all the way down from Dallas to celebrate you which was a great treat!  We had a beautiful brunch followed by a super fun trip to Sea World!  You were amazed by Shamu and you still ask to go see him.  

The Evelyns.

You loved your new bubble mower from Tia Cindy and Uncle Kev. 

Charlotte made a new friend.  She loved your Uncle Dave.

The Udells joined us at Sea World!
Poor Eveyln.  Sea World was WAY too much for a 2 month old, but she was such a trooper!

Not impressed by the dolphins. 

{Part Three - Houston}
The following weekend we celebrated with your Houston buddies.  M.E. and Wuelo took ya'll to the Disney Store, which might as well have been Disney Land through your little eyes.  You were over-joyed by seeing all of your favorite characters.  You, Julia and Squeaka had the best time running around exploring everything.  You even got to pick out a couple of things to take home with you! Afterwards your got chocolate milk from Chick-Fil-A (your most favorite thing in the world) and we had a party of M.E. and Wuelo's new house where you and your girls worked very to hard to break it in.  


Julia, cleaning up.

Thank you to all of our friends and family for making you feel so special.  
You are so blessed to have SO many people who love you to pieces.  

Can't wait to see what year three has in store for us!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Houston Rodeo

This may have been the best day of Cora's life.  Before going to the rodeo, we stopped by Cavendars so that she could get all cowgirl-ish.  We were just planning on getting her some boots, the pink hat was completely her idea.  She picked it out of a number of hats and would NOT take it off.  It really wasn't my favorite since it didn't match her outfit.  My mom and I tried to convince her to get a different one, but she would just say, "where's my pink cowgirl hat?"  She then proceeded to parade around the store yelling, "yeeeeeehaw, ride em cowgirl."  Needless to say, she left the store with the boots and the hat.  Thanks, M.E. and Wuelo.  

I can't even imagine what the rodeo must have looked like through her eyes.  It is a spectacle for almost anyone to behold, much less a farm animal obsessed almost two year old.  

Our future FFA-er in complete heaven.  She acted like it was totally normal to just climb up in this chair and hang out with this giant cow. 

The highlight of the adventure was when her grandpa took her into the milk booth.  She told him, "you're on it Wuelo."  

This little bug was such a trooper, as always.  

Thanks dad!!