Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cora's Fista: Part Three

Now for the cake.  Cora was FAR more interested in everyone clapping for her than her first cupcake.

Trying to pass it off to daddy

She did enjoy a little bit of frosting!

She was so funny when it came time to open her gifts.  She found a can of cheese puffs in her first gift from her godmother and they kept her completely occupied the entire time.  She finished the whole can.  

We tried to get a pic of these two together the next day.  Tried.  

It was so amazing to celebrate one whole year with our sweet baby girl.  Michael had mentioned that we had about 40 people waiting around all day at the hospital the day she was born so of course her first birthday party would be at least that big.  But the difference is that we aren't just down the road anymore.  We were so touched by how many people traveled a long way to help make this day so special for Cora.  

Can't wait to see what her second year has in store! 

Cora's Fiesta: Part Two

Here are some of the decor details!  I had a TON of help! We had both of our families there all day before it started to help with the set up and cooking.  Again, I barely lifted a finger.  

party favors . . .

Pictures from our wonderful year!  It was hard to put these together without a few tears.  

We were blessed with the perfect weather for the party.  It was so fun to watch all the little ones frolic around the yard.  Cora has some wonderful friends and family!  How cute are they in their little mexican dresses?

Cora's Fiesta: Part One

Our first time to throw a birthday party for our daughter!  The party was in our backyard so we (Michael) started with a lot of yard work!  I only helped for about 5 minutes to I could try out Clare's fabulous wrap.    I can't wait to get one.  

Cora's Grams and Pops came to help us prepare too!

Cora and Charlie had a lot of fun playing together, or at least next to each other.  They are so sweet together.  It was awesome to be able to spend some much needed quality time with Clare and Daniel, too!

Playing with new birthday toys!

Dads trying to put together new birthday toys, hah!  

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Park Party

Since Cora's actual birthday was during the week, we planned on going to Houston to celebrate at the children's museum.  But since it happened to be spring break AND free admission night, the line to get in was wrapped around the entire city of Houston.  So we opted for a stroll in the park.  The birthday girl had a wonderful time with her Houston friends, M.E. and Mimi.  It was a lovely little impromptu celebration.