Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pawelek Beach Trip 2014

Back in June we headed down to the coast for our last trip before Caroline.  I was mucho pregnant, but in my favorite place with some of my favorite people so it was wonderful!  The Ferry line was super long, but we got to see dolphins once we finally got on, Cora was thrilled!

I loved getting so much quality time with sweet little Madeleine.  

It wouldn't be a Pawelek beach trip without coffee and prayer in the mornings.  This year Fr. Jimmy came with us, which was an amazing blessing.  He even celebrated mass for us in the living room on Sunday!  

Already counting down the days until next year! Thanks for another great trip, Grams and Pops! 


At the end of May, Tara and I took all the kiddos to Dallas to celebrate Mim's birthday with her.  It took us for. ev. er to get there, but they did great!  We got to spend a lot of downtime with mim just hanging around the house.  It is so special to watch them enjoy mim's house because I just remember it being so magical when I was growing up.  The Ward girls came down from Arkansas to spend time with us too.  We had so much fun shopping and catching up.  For mim's birthday we had a little brunch and all her neighborhood friends came over to celebrate.  Entertainment was provided by Cora and Sawyer as per usual.  For an added bonus we also got to spend some time with Eric and Brittney.  I love visiting Dallas, it always feels like going home!