Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"4th" of July Weekend

Last weekend was our second annual 4th of July weekend trip to Galveston.  It wasn't technically in Galveston, or on the 4th, but we still pretended like it was.  And the patriotism was brought to a whole new level by Molly, Andrew, Joe and Casey. They were not messing around!  I was so excited that they were able to come this year!  

We had a wonderful house right on the beach, but we didn't get to enjoy the location as much as we had hoped because we were pretty much rained out the whole time.  Luckily, the four little girls provided PLENTY of entertainment.  

We had a small window of nice weather when we got there, so we headed straight for the water.  I expected Cora to be a bit timid at first, but she totally went for it and was in love.  Instant beach bum. I am blaming Abigail for this surge in bravery. Cora was her little shadow the whole time.  

Sweet Sawyer Beth loved the ocean too.  

We spent a lot of time just lounging around the house and playing with the little ones.  Abigail definitely warmed up to JoeJoe.  She was running away from him about 10 minutes before this picture was taken. 

Before long, she was smitten. 

Love these two love birds.

Luckily the weather did clear up for a bit on Saturday afternoon so we finally got to enjoy our beautiful surroundings.  If you look closely, you can see Andrew heading down to set up our camp in true patriotic fashion. 

Cora loved playing in the sand with Molly.  

And getting in on the kickball game. 

This was right before Cora tipped the chair over and face planted directly into the sand.  

On Sunday, we had to take our annual baby picture.  Here is last years . . . 

Sawyer (18 weeks), Abigail (11 months), Cora (3 months), Julia (35 weeks) 

This one took a little more work . . .

But it was totally worth it!

Cora (15 months), Julia (11 months), Sawyer (7 months), Abigail (23 months)

Even though Sawyer couldn't run around in the sand with the bigger girls just yet, she had plenty of her own fun!  She was so so cute with this little sprinkler. . .

slash water fountain.  

Too much cuteness for one weekend!! Tomorrow we will head to Port Aransas for my family's coast trip.  Happy 4th of July, everyone!!

Judy's Birthday Weekend

We started off the weekend by going to my parent's house on Friday night.  My dad got Cora this little princess tent and sleeping bag and she loved it.  I think she went in and out at least 100 times.

We had a nice dinner then spent the rest of the evening watching Cora play outside in this little sand pit.

She played very hard, as usual, which led to this lovely sweaty hair-do, styled by M.E.  

Judy's actual birthday was on Saturday.  We had a pool party for her at their house during the day . . .

and went out to eat on the River Walk that night. Cora was obsessed with the "wa-WA" and the ducks.  We had a great dinner all together.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of all of us!  

We came back early on Sunday to spend a relaxing day at home.  Another great weekend :)