Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Family Pictures

Before Christmas, we had the opportunity to get family pictures taken with the WONDERFUL Jen Brazeal.  She is so sweet and was so great to work with.  It was so special to capture this limited time of us being a family of three before our Evelyn arrives!  Here are some of our favorites . . .   

Sisterly love.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy Birthday: Joe

Happy, happy birthday to the one, the only, Joseph Pawelek.  

In the beginning of our relationship, Michael lived in Austin and I lived in Dallas, so Waco was often our meeting point.  We also spent almost every weekend following Baylor around to watch Joe.  One of the first things I noticed about him was that he seemed to be friends with EVERYBODY.  In the years since, this hasn't changed.  He treats everyone like they are his good friend.  And I mean everyone.  Whether its our waiter at a restaurant or someone at the drive through window, he is not afraid to joke around and give someone a hard time like they are his brother or sister right of the bat.  

I can't write about Joe without mentioning his many gifts.  Not only is he very smart, he is also super athletic and a very accomplished football player.  I was always proud to watch him from the stands.  But the really impressive part is that as soon as he got off the field, you would never know.  He is so humble and grateful for everything that God has given him.


I know I have said this before, but I cannot express how much his relationship with Casey impacted me.  I am still learning so much from them as a couple.  They are the most amazing example of what God intended marriage to be.  

But mostly, Joe is a giant goofball.  He has had us all laughing to the point of tears many times.  He is such a joy to be around.

I also love Joe for the best friend that he is to Michael.  Michael is one of Joe's biggest fans and he is so thankful to have him.  Sometimes we will just be sitting around and he will randomly say, "Man, I really miss Joe."  We always wish we could spend more time with these two. 

What I admire most about Joe is his easy-going attitude.  He is laid back in a way that always puts things into perspective.  To me, it always seems like he has a true inner-knowledge of what is really important.  He has a strong trust in God's plan for his life so he is really able to "let go and let God."  The only time I have seen him really get mad is when Michael is intending to get under his skin about some sort of sports issue or another.   

It is for all of these reasons and many, many more that we feel honored to have him as Cora's godfather.    

I know that being Casey and Joe Joe will always be a highlight for Cora as she is growing up.  They absolutely love her to pieces and she has the best time with them.  They are always going out of their way to get a smile out of her.  

What a special relationship these two will have.

We love you so much, Joe Joe.  We hope you have a wonderful 26th year!! 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

This year I am most thankful for our growing family.  I found so much joy in watching Cora and Sawyer play together.  Over the break we also heard news of new babies to come! And best of all, we are only 6 weeks away from meeting our Evelyn!!  My heart is so full thinking about all these little lives that we are blessed with.  

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy Birthday: Tara and Sawyer!!


Happy Birthday to two of my most favorites girls!

I have been extremely blessed to have this little lady as my older sister.  She is everything that a big sister should be.  She is nurturing and caring, always the first person to bring a meal or gift to make someone feel special.  She has so many long lasting friendships because of the way she values the people in her life.

Even though Tara is one of my best friends, we are complete opposites.  I think that is what makes our relationship so special.  Maybe not so much when we were both in middle school, but it certainly works now!  She can always offer a perspective that I don't see.  I cherish our long conversations. 

I love that when I look back at my life, Tara has been a part of everything that I have done.  Whether it was my stellar Barney audition video, awkward middle school phases or numerous dance performances she was always there.  She may have been on the side rolling her eyes at my ridiculousness at times, but her support was steadfast.  We moved almost every year for 8 years when we were younger so we were always together!  I am so thankful that we got to grow up that way.

Even though she is generally pretty serious, she for sure has a silly side!  Its not something that most people get to see, but I'm glad I am one of them!

But that seriousness has been put to good use!  She is a major smarty pants and is very successful!  I have always admired her work ethic and dedication to her career.  I am so proud.  

And of course, if you have ever read her blog you know how grateful I am to have her help in the kitchen! 

It is awesome that our husbands are great friends too.  We had always hoped that would be the case when we were younger.  The first night I ever really hung out with Michael (which also happened to be her bachelorette party) she asked Michael what kind of trips he liked to go on to make sure that we could all have fun on vacation together after we were married.  Good thing it worked out!  

But mostly I just like Tara for bringing this amazing little creature into the world . . .

Tara is the dictionary definition of a good mom.  I love to watch her and Sawyer together.  She just loves that little "squeaker" with everything that she has.  

I can't believe Sawyer is already a year old!! I absolutely LOVE being her aunt!!  She has the sweetest personality.  Michael and I have found so much joy in being her aunt and uncle. 

This picture may not show it, but I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual.

I love you SO much, Boening girls.  And Tara, as always, "More than words."