Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Birthay, Judy (and Mike!)


Last Saturday we celebrated Judy's birthday, and Mike's back in April.  But I totally missed his on here, so I thought I would just appreciate them together, especially since yesterday was their 31st wedding anniversary.  So this doubles as happy birthday(s) and anniversary!!

 I'm sure they won't mind being lumped into the same post because these two really love being together.  They work as a team and genuinely enjoy each other's company.  Their marriage is such an inspiration to us.  Especially the way they share their faith.  Mike is currently going through the Deaconate, and of course, Judy is right there by his side every step of the way.  On top of that, they are involved in several other ministries TOGETHER.  I just absolutely love that about them.  They begin each morning by sitting on a little couch in their formal living room, right next to each other, praying together.  I love being included in this when we are there, it so special.  I hope Michael and I are doing the exact same thing 30 years from now.  


I could never thank them enough for raising my husband to become the man that he is today.  I know that he is a great person in his own right, but not without the years of nurturing and guidance by his mom and dad.  I am also grateful because I know that their wisdom has rubbed off onto his own parenting skills.

They are both SO incredibly generous and have helped us out in countless ways throughout our marriage.  Every single time Judy comes to visit she cleans, does my laundry and goes grocery shopping for us.  I never ask her to do any of that, it is just second nature to her.  They both have such beautiful serving hearts that I am always learning from.  

But maybe the thing I love most about them is that they are AMAZING grandparents to Cora.  Seriously.  They are obsessed to say the least. This picture above was taken when we all went down to the beach last year.  Mike (Pops) literally inhaled his meal at Whataburger so he could hold her the whole time.  And on Judy (Grams) birthday, she had the time of her life shopping for Cora, not herself.  I would venture to say that is one of her favorite past times. Cora is so blessed to have such dedicated grandparents to guide her.


We love you both so much! Happy Birthdays, we look forward to celebrating many more with you!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fathers Day Weekend

We had another whirlwind weekend for Father's Day!  My parents were going to Dallas for the weekend, so we met up with them for dinner on Friday night on their way out.  It was a very nice, but short visit.  

This little girl loves both of her grandpas so much.  Especially since they are always willing to take her outside, which is where she is the happiest.  We traveled onto San Antonio to spend time with Pops, Geda and PoPo. 

On Saturday, all the Pawelek menfolk went on a fishing trip with PoPo.  They looked so cute in their matching shirts. 

Saturday was also my 26th birthday so I spent the morning with the girls.  They were so sweet and had it all planned out for me!  We went to brunch at Mi Tierra and shopped around.  It was great to spend some qt with them.  

I was super excited that they sat us at the Selena table!

When we got back Cora went for a swim, her absolute favorite! I could not get enough of her in her Uncle John's hat.  It was killing me. 

Cora stayed behind while Michael took me out on a wonderful date!  We went to the SA Museum of Art and to dinner.  I LOVE going on dates with this guy.  

Some of the Paweleks came over to celebrate PoPo later that day.

And we celebrated Geda with all the Snogas the next day.

When we got back to College Station it was time for Cora to celebrate her daddy!  We started with our second annual daddy-daughter dance.  Cora was LOVING it.  She wouldn't even let Michael hold her. She was too busy showcasing her own sweet moves.

After the dance, we had a lovely picnic dinner in the living room, followed by the feature film that Cora made for her fathers day gift.  

What a great weekend celebrating these amazing men in our lives!  

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Houston Children's Museum

This place is so cool!!!  We took the girls there a couple weeks ago and I was very impressed!  I will let the pictures speak for themselves.  We can't wait to go back!

Brie's Graduation

Brie graduated in the beginning of June and we could not be more proud!  It seems like she was a baby yesterday.  I vividly remember my first confession, I only confessed that my older sister and I fought over who would get to hold our little sister.  It has been such a joy to watch her grow up!  And now we get to fight over who holds these little nuggets. 

We stopped at my dad's office before dinner so we could get the girls all ready.  Cora was in heaven.  Sawyer AND Lori.  Happiness overload. 

After that we went to Buca di Beppo for dinner before the big ceremony! D-licious.

Sawyer's expressions kill me. 

Pictures of everybody with the beautiful graduate!

Can't wait to have these two ladies (and their closets) as neighbors next year!!!!

The little ones were not so impressed by all the pomp and circumstance.

Here is my terrible picture of Brie delivering the closing prayer.  She did an AMAZING job, so proud!

The next day we had a party for Brie at my parent's house!  We had a great time celebrating and of course laughing at the little tikes. All the girls were in their maroon best for the new college freshman.

Congrats, Gabriella!