Thursday, August 18, 2011

Brittney's Bachelorette Party

Last weekend we went to Houston for Brittney's last fling before the ring.  Michael had some work to do in Houston, so we all went down together and he dropped us off at Tara's for our girly day.  We went to a place called Pinot's Palette.  They taught everyone how to paint a specific painting, it was so cool!  Cora slept for the first half of it and then I was kind of in and out with her after that.  Luckily my mom and Wita were there to help out.  Melissa also spent a lot of time with Cora, she really needed her baby fix since it was her first time away from precious Abigail.   

The lovely bride to be . . .   

Britt's friends are so sweet, we had a really great time with them!

Finished product . . .

After that we went back to Tara's for a lingerie shower.  Cora was so exhausted so Michael came to get us and we headed home while the rest of the girls went out for dinner.  Michael got to spend some time hanging out with his old high school friends that he hadn't seen in a long time.  They just happen to live right down the street from Tara.  It was such a fun day, I wish we could have stayed longer!  We are so excited for the upcoming wedding!

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  1. Brittney's Bachelorette Party was epic my friend. It was totally inspirational and super trendy. At one of the local New York venues I will attend a gorgeous barn themed Bachelorette Party of a friend. She is a talented party planner so it will be interesting to see how much creativity she uses for her own party. Can’t wait.