Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Julia Kay Jaworski

On July 25, Kristin and Jeff welcomed their beautiful daughter, Julia Kay, into the world!  Michael and I got to be there at the hospital on the special day, it was so much fun!  She is so precious and magnificent, I am so excited that she is my goddaughter!  I cannot wait to teach her and watch her grow in her faith.  

These two are going to be SUCH great parents!  

Cora wasn't used to her godmother holding another baby, she got a little jealous.

Proud Grandpa

Kristin did such an amazing job!  She was a champ all day.  I cannot describe how blessed I feel to have this girl as a best friend/cousin.  As un-sappy as I am, it brings me to tears just thinking about how special she is to me.  It is so awesome that we will get to raise our little girls together.  If only our college selves could see us now!  

A week later Cora and I went to their house for their very first play date. This was the result . . .

Be still my heart.  

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